Welcome to the Åland Islands
Agent V - Spy Game
25€ per game

Your mission is to log into the the system because you are assigned to work in the project named "gamma V".

An evil mastermind, Dr Ronove, has set up a deadly bomb which will release super-virus to the Earth's atmosphere. Your job is to prevent the bomb from exploding.

Other agents are also working on the case. Be the fastest to disarm the bomb and save the day.

You have 60 minutes to complete the missions and disarm the bomb before it's too late. You can complete missions in any order. Just tap on them to find out what to do.

To succeed you need to take notes so have your pen and paper ready.

You have 6 hints to use throughout the game. Use them wisely.

Pay attention, because words, names and numbers help you save the world.

Think out a secret name to cover your identity and start.

We hope that you can save the world, its all up to you now!

How to play

  • Download the Loquiz app from download Google Play / download App Store
  • Buy the game and we’ll send you login details
  • Insert login details to start the game
  • Navigate between places and answer questions
  • Suitable for both tourists and locals

Important information

  • To avoid errors, make sure that the device you are playing on has the latest software updated and the battery is fully charged! Also, when logging in to the app, give permission to identify your location!
  • Often newer devices work better for gaming.
  • We recommend playing for a maximum of 3-4 people per smart device, so that everyone can get enough of the game!

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