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Fax from the main office
30€ per game

Outdoor team bonding game
In this game, you and your colleagues will have to work together in order to achieve the result. The main difference between this game from other events is that it does not have any competition between players. It is practical teamwork training, where the theory part is missing, but the team has special tools which help to give ideas for discussion and improve the teamwork.

How to play

The game begins when the fax from the main office arrives, which describes what the team has to do. This is the only information that players will get during the game. According to the game story, the box with special tools will also arrive by post. It contains pens and paper and other technical tools that teams will need. The game begins the moment when the box was opened, and from this moment players will have to work effectively together in order to fulfill the task,

You have 1.5 hours in order to fulfill the task. During this time participants will have to distribute roles in your team, coordinate actions, and plan time accordingly without additional help from our side. At the same time, players have moved around outside and used technical aids in the most effective way. Players will be given radio transmitters and other smart devices for communication between team members and the organization of effective teamwork,

In this game, it could also happen so that the goal set by the main office will not be achieved by the team. In this case, your team will benefit from the summary and the analysis of the game, which will help to improve your teamwork,

More specific information about this outdoor activity is not given to participants before the game. You will have to choose your clothing according to the weather conditions, taking into account that the game includes a lot of movement outside. The game will be perfect for the team training

Important information

For additional information or to order an event, contact Steivi at steivi@alandtours.com

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