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Green Steps
20€ per game

Make some Green Steps to become CO2-neutral!

In this game, you will have many tasks appearing in your location. Each of them is equal to a little step. Such a step will lead you to reduce your CO2. The addition of all these steps can help you become CO2-neutral.

For instance, did you know that dinosaurs still exist to this day? And they are numerous. Indeed, birds are directly descendent of the dinosaurs. You’ll learn many trivia like this in this game.

Overall, this game can be a pleasant activity as a short pause for a corporate event. Indeed, people will have fun, and they will learn a lot of things about nature and about making green steps!

How to play

  • Download the Loquiz app from download Google Play/App Store.
  • Buy the game, and we’ll send you login details.
  • Insert login details to start the game.
  • Navigate between places and answer questions.
  • Suitable for both tourists and locals.

Important information

To avoid errors, ensure that the device you are playing on has the latest software updated and that the battery is fully charged!

Also, when logging in to the app, give permission to identify your location!

Often newer devices work better for gaming.

We recommend playing for a maximum of 3-4 people per smart device so everyone can get enough of the game!

The game's unique code is valid for 200 days and can be used only once.

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