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Hi, I’m Steivi, the founder of Åland tours. I’m originally from Tallinn, Estonia, and I have always loved to travel, get to know other cultures, and meet new people. Now that I call Åland home, it’s a dream come true to share with visitors what the beautiful Pearl of Scandinavia has to offer.

Åland Tours is a leading tour operator and destination specialist in Finland that offers authentic, responsible, and creative travel experiences on the Åland island.

At Åland Tours, we believe once you have discovered a passion for something, you will work twice as hard to make the best, develop, and offer others the best experience. Passion is one of the values that Åland Tours is built on. Every tour is designed to meet individual needs and wishes, and it is designed with love for Åland islands, care for our clients, and passion for being better every day at what we do.

Are you traveling with your family or friends or coming to Åland islands for a business trip? Contact us and tell us what drives you, and what kind of trips and adventures give you the energy boost and we will ensure that your vacation or staycation will be memorable and inspiring!

We are happy to create your adventure on Åland so you can experience something you wouldn't get anywhere else!