Sustainable Travel

Leave Nothing but Footprints

Discover the beauty and unique experiences of the Åland islands during your holiday. As a local tour operator, we understand the impact of travel on both people and nature.

We strive to organize our trips in a sustainable manner. When crafting your itinerary, we consider the well-being of people, the environment, nature, and culture. Our goal is to make your holiday special not only for you but also to preserve these authentic experiences for future generations to enjoy.

By promoting sustainable tourism, we aim to minimize the negative impact on nature and the environment. Additionally, we strive to ensure that the local community, guides, accommodations, restaurants, and cultural landmarks can benefit from your visit, creating a positive impact on the destination.

Discover the Hidden Gems of Åland

Escape the crowds and discover the hidden treasures of Åland with our off-the-beaten-path tours. Our tours take you behind the scenes, letting you explore what Åland truly has to offer.

During our tours, you’ll visit fascinating must-see places that are essential for an unforgettable stay here. We also unveil the secret and lesser-known gems of Åland, which regular tourists often miss. These special places are not widely known and can be challenging to find without our guidance.

Despite its small size, Åland is packed with exciting things to see and do. We’re here to create the perfect adventure that suits your preferences. Let us help you explore the best of Åland, ensuring a unique and personalized journey.

Get to know the friendly locals

Interact with the local fisherman, artisan, coffee shop owner, small restaurant owner, museum volunteer, and more. These warm-hearted individuals are excited to share their passions with visitors like you. We carefully choose our local partners, collaborating with genuine small organizations to ensure that your spending directly benefits the local community.

Keeping our local guides happy

We’re happy to work with local guides who are passionate about Åland and can communicate in English, Finnish, Swedish, and often times other languages too. We believe in treating them well by paying them promptly and fairly, fostering strong and lasting relationships. We value their expertise and encourage them to share their tips and ideas, which helps us enhance the quality of our service to you.

Encouraging Responsible Travel

Respect and preserve the beauty of Åland. We believe so too, but sometimes we see a different reality. Our local guides are here to guide you and share the appropriate customs and practices of the place. By showing respect for Åland and its people, we positively impact generations to come.

Collaborating with Sustainable Partners

At Åland Tours, we highly value partnerships, especially with those who promote sustainability. We are delighted to work alongside partners like Marina Hamnsundet, Öfvergårds, and Outdoor Entrepreneurs. Together, we strive to make sustainable travel more accessible for tourists visiting the Åland Islands.

Becoming Certified for Sustainability

We have taken important steps and obtained certifications from Good Travel Seal and Sustainable Travel Finland in 2023. These certifications recognize our ongoing efforts as a tour operator to promote sustainability and corporate social responsibility.

The Sustainable Travel Finland program, developed by Visit Finland, is designed to promote sustainable practices within the Finnish tourism industry. The program provides tourism companies and destinations with a set of guidelines and tools for implementing sustainable measures in their daily operations. The Sustainable Travel Finland label is only awarded to companies and destinations that have completed the program and met the required criteria. Additional information about the program is available on the Business Finland website (