If you are someone who wants to experience peacefulness and relaxation during your time on Åland Islands this offer is for you. 

We invite you to try a combination of calm sightseeing, walks in unique beautiful nature areas, relaxation sessions and even a drop of impression about local art crafts. This package is ideal for those who like to travel privately and enjoy unique tours. Enjoy this tour by car with a private guide.

Book Slowdown Åland Reatreat as an invitation to relax your body, mind and soul.

What to expect

At a calm tempo for three days, our guide provides you with a special program, which is a unique combination of experiences that will help you to enter the journey of inner relaxation – your body, mind and soul. 

You will be able to try the “Slow walking” concept through the most beautiful nature areas around Mariehamn, and enjoy hidden Åland nature jewels reachable by car. Take a boat ride towards stunning cliffs at the Åland archipelago. Make a relaxing visit to an amazing sauna located on the water. Visit inspiring local genuine art craft places. Try guided meditation or a yoga session provided by highly professional mindfulness leaders. Appreciate sunset views and fully land into the present moment.

But most importantly – this experience is an invitation to breathe in and breathe out. It is an invitation to slow down your pulse and let the atmosphere of the magical Åland Islands open your heart.

You can customize and adjust your retreat program individually, according to your personal needs and preferences.

Who and what you might meet during your retreat

Hanna Kivoja, dancer and yoga instructor

Hanna Kivioja is a professional dancer, yoga and wellness course instructor, and trained dance pedagogue. Throughout her studies and career, she has explored, practiced, and taught various somatic methods, such as Pilates, ball massage, mindfulness, and different styles of yoga.

Hanna creates an easily approachable and positive atmosphere in her classes, offering participants diverse content with a holistic approach filled with the joy of movement.

With over 20 years of teaching experience, Hanna finds it particularly inspiring when she can help and guide people towards better body awareness and control, supporting their journey to discover their physical potential and strengthen the connection between body and mind.

Badhhusparken and Kärlekstigen (Loverspath)

The name of the park is a reminder of the time when Mariehamn was a modern seaside resort. The city invested early in tourism and in 1889 a bathhouse was built in Västerhamn. Park facilities were created at health resorts adjacent to the bathhouses. 

A real seaside resort needs a classy hotel, and in 1900 the grand seaside hotel was inaugurated. Guests came here to spend a few weeks with cures and treatments interspersed with pleasant entertainment. Unfortunately in 1916 the hotel burned down.

From the water tower up on Badhusberget, the view is wide over the city and sea. There is a special path there, which we are guiding you in – a path called “Lovers path” (Kärleksstigen). In the nature-romantic spirit of the late 1800s, a longer walking trail was included, which offered various small experiences with views, caves, ponds and special paths. The walk was part of the therapy where external experiences affected the internal moods. 

Visit Kim Janson’s ceramic atelje “Feathers of utsuwa”

A brand new ceramic studio located in a beautiful villa in the heart of Mariehamn.

Kim’s studio is filled with a special warm, creative atmosphere. Her unique ceramic artworks have an individual, thoughtful touch, with variations of tender colors, symbolic textures, and an authentic style.

Just being in that space puts you in a joyful and relaxed state of mind.

You can also purchase Kim’s unique ceramic works, each with a story behind it, directly from her studio.