Join us for a delightful boat ride to Kobba Klintar, the iconic landmark of Åland, often referred to as the “Åland Statue of Liberty.” This historically significant site offers a stunning view of the Åland Sea, making it a must-visit tourist destination.

Our boat excursions to Kobba Klintar commence at the berth of the sailing ship Pommern in Mariehamn from 25 June to 21 August 2022. The tour lasts approximately 2.5 hours, but you can always discuss the return journey’s timing with the skipper if you wish to stay longer. Please note that there are no tours to Kobba Klintar on Mondays. To make a booking, please contact us by emailing or calling +358 (0)40 040 5933.

Kobba Klintar was once a critical point for sailing ships, which used pilots from the island upon arrival in the maritime city. Today, modern cruise ships pass by, but the island’s charm remains. Visitors can explore the old pilot’s cabin and the larger pilot’s house with its fog horn. The house’s balcony features a wooden pilot sculpture created by artist Juha Pykäläinen, scouting out across the sea. The Pilots House is now a museum, and the island boasts several intriguing sculptures.

From Kobba Klintar, visitors can enjoy an unobstructed view of the sea towards Sweden, as far as the horizon allows. Additionally, there is a small café on the island where visitors can indulge in local delicacies while enjoying the beautiful view.

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