A while back, an idea sparked to craft a map showcasing Åland’s distinctive charm. Teaming up with the skilled artist Anni Wikberg, we turned this vision into a reality. Explore our collection, showcasing the Åland map on diverse items like t-shirts, cups, and cotton bags – perfect for purchase or sharing as thoughtful gifts with loved ones. Let’s celebrate and spread the allure of Åland together!

Åland Cotton Bag

Åland Cup

Åland T-shirt

Discover the essence of Åland with a cotton bag. Crafted from durable material, this bag encapsulates the unique charm of Åland through an intricately designed map.
Ideal for daily use or as a thoughtful gift, this bag invites you to carry the spirit of Åland wherever you go.

Discover Åland’s special charm with our lovely cup. Sip your favorite drink in this cup and feel the Åland vibes! It’s not just any cup, it’s a way to celebrate and share the magic of Åland.

Åland t-shirt features a map of Åland, made in collaboration with an amazing artist, Anni Wikberg. Wear this comfy t-shirt and show off the charm of Åland wherever you go! It’s more than just a shirt—it’s a way to share the awesomeness of Åland with everyone around you.

Price 19€

Price 19€

Price 29€