Exploring Åland: Active Pastimes in the Åland Islands

The Åland Islands is a beautiful place with a calm atmosphere. At the same time, it offers plenty of opportunities to experience active pastimes! The most well-known activities on the island are kayaking, biking and hiking, but did you know that the Åland Islands also have several golf courses and is popular among rock climbers?

Read on to learn more about active pastimes in the Åland Islands, and reach out to us if you want to know even more or book your own adventure.

Kayaking in the Åland Archipelago

Kayaking around Åland is a really nice way to experience its coastline. With calm waters surrounding numerous islands, kayaking here is suitable for both beginners and experienced paddlers alike.

The Åland Archipelago Trail, which stretches over 220 kilometers, can also be partly experienced by kayak. Paddle from island to island, stopping to rest on peaceful shores and take in the unique maritime landscape.

Another truly special kayaking experience is Norrhavsrutten, a challenge in kayaking combined with the possibility of enjoying good food and a comfortable bed for the night.

We offer both a 2-days kayaking tour in the archipelago and customized kayaking tours, to ensure you get the best experiences of Ålands coastlines!

Biking in the Åland Islands

For cycling enthusiasts, Åland offers an extensive network of well-maintained biking trails. The archipelago’s flat terrain makes it ideal for leisurely rides, with many opportunities to explore villages, historical sites, and just experience nature.

One of the most popular cycling routes is the Åland Archipelago Trail, which can be completed in its entirety or in sections. 

You are of course more than welcome to join our guided bicycle tour of Järsö, a beatiful part of the Åland archipelago! You can bring your own bike or rent one here when you arrive.

Walking, Hiking and Climbing in Åland

Exploring Åland on foot is another rewarding experience. There are numerous trails on Åland, both on the main island but also on the archipelago’s smaller ones. They range from short coastal walks to longer treks through forests and hills. When hiking in Åland, you get to experience its unique flora and fauna. Travelling by foot also provides you with the opportunity to enjoy some really beautiful views of the Baltic Sea.

At Åland Tours, we also offer a guided walking tour through Mariehamn, tailored to your needs and wishes, and a day tour by car and foot.

One must-visit destination for hikers is the Bomarsund Fortress. This historic site, which dates back to the 19th century, offers a blend of scenic hiking trails and intriguing historical ruins.

The Åland Islands also provide good opportunities and sites for rock climbing, especially bouldering.

Golfing and  Disc Golfing in the Åland Islands

Åland has two golf clubs, offering in total three 18 hole courses. One of them is Slottsbanan, which is a European top course and the best golf course in Finland. All the courses offer great views and can be enjoyed by golfers of all skill levels. 

In recent years, disc golfing has become popular on Åland, and we can now offer guided disc golf tours at any of the archipelago’s 16 newly built courses!

Ice Skating in Åland

The climate in Åland is such that the ice is naturally free from snow. This makes the Åland archipelago perfect for long-distance ice skating in the winter. In some winters, you can actually skate through the archipelago all the way to the Finnish mainland! 

For the best ice skating experience, you need an experienced local guide who can help you access the ice in ways that don’t disturb the locals living in the area.

Fishing, hunting and bird-watching in Åland

Åland is a great place for sport fishing all year round, with all kinds of fish such as pike, perch, pike-perch, whitefish and sea trout. A fishing license is needed but is easily available.

Hunting is a common interest among Åland locals and is also available for visitors. You can hunt for roe deer and seabirds. A hunting license is required to hunt on the Åland Islands.

Since Åland is located in the middle of the Baltic Sea, it’s a given stop for many migratory birds. The Åland Islands have a rich bird life and especially Kökar is a small paradise for bird watchers.

Did you know that we offer fishing tours? From March until midsummer and mid-August until November, we take you with us onfishing adventures tailored to your experience in the Åland Islands!

Planning Your Åland Adventure

The summer months June to August are ideal for kayaking, cycling, and hiking on Åland, with longer daylight hours and pleasant weather. This is also when most tourists come here, so keep that in mind when you’re planning your trip and make sure to book ferries and accommodations in good time!

Spring and autumn offer quieter surroundings and beautiful seasonal landscapes. If you want to explore Åland’s history and visit the museums before tourist season or visit the bouldering sites, May is the perfect month. 

The autumn is the best time of year for fishing and hunting, and ice skating is of course only available in the winter.

For more information and guidance in planning your visit to the Åland Islands, get in touch!

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